How We Work

  1. A total budget for the project must be established. The budget will define the size limits of the structure based on current square foot costs.
  2. The owner makes two lists – one titled “essential” and one titled “optional”. Sketches, photos from magazines, samples of desired materials and finishes, room types and sizes, views, solar orientation, utility availability and all related information should be gathered in writing to direct the design team.
  3. With the direction of the owner, the architects create preliminary floor plans, sections and elevations. When appropriate, alternative room configurations and exterior images are developed.
  4. The owners evaluate the preliminary ideas and meet with the architects to clarify what works and what is desirable. The drawings are fine tuned and the timber frame is delineated until the design is right. Costs are estimated.
  5. Final construction drawings are done to the level required by the owner and the local building department.