Who We Are

We are a group of architects. It is our professional belief that sustainable and energy efficient buildings can be achieved with a common sense approach to design. Designed buildings should co-exist with the built environment by taking advantage of the characteristics of the neighborhood and by using straight-forward, familiar materials. Therefore, we offer custom design and construction services to clients on an individual basis.

Our interest lies in offering planning and architectural services to individuals and developers who wish to plan and build in a responsible yet economical manner. A world of shrinking resources requires careful planning and design in order to stretch construction dollars. We feel it is important for individuals and developers to coordinate with design professionals to maximize their goals.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to develop ideas, meet needs, and work within budgets. We approach each project thoughtfully, always considering the possible benefits of innovative solutions. In order to test our own theories about construction details and affordability, we have designed, built, and sold two single-family housing prototypes. Our current commitment includes a land development for the extension of a small village.

Our individual experiences as professionals enable our firm to serve a wide range of clients. We have:

  • Designed restaurants, shops, and religious structures, bringing together the thousands of parts that make up such special, people-oriented spaces.
  • Renovated modest urban homes and large commercial spaces.
  • Worked closely with not-for-profit agencies and arts groups.
  • Been Vista architects working with community organizations.
  • Specialized in the art of the timber frame, from restoring barns to designing and building homes, wineries and restaurants throughout the Midwest.
  • Surveyed the planning needs of urban and rural communities.
  • Collaborated with other design professionals in intensive week-long design workshops to imagine entire new communities.
  • Helped working people in dense urban settings to achieve home ownership.
  • Helped farming communities maintain their way of life while accommodating newcomers seeking to join in the pastoral setting.

With a presence in the Chicago area and throughout Michigan, we are well positioned to extend our professional services and interests to all individuals and communities in the region, both urban and rural. We look forward to working with you on your next project.
Thoughtful planning and design eliminates wasted energies and insures that a structure becomes the building it was intended to be. While the primary use of a building is to provide shelter, the art of architecture is to make the time spent in the space of the structure a positive experience. The enduring strength and beauty of designed spaces imparts a positive sense of enclosure through its volumes, its exposed materials and its efficient methods of construction.
It is an old adage that you are half done building when the design is finished. We believe that this is true in time and effort among owner, architect and builder. It is very important to begin the design process as early as possible. A year ahead of construction is desirable.
With a presence in Michigan and the Chicago area, we are well positioned to extend our professional services throughout the Midwest. We have also worked with clients as far away as Nebraska and the Bahamas. Committed to helping clients achieve their goals through good planning and design, SAM MARTS ARCHITECTS & PLANNERS Ltd. looks forward to working with you on your project.